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I'm a writer and a graphics designer so I will be posting entries about the inner workings of my designs on, my t-shirt company and about the various stories I write.

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We have designed some really cool Bin Laden shirts to mark America’s decisive victory in the war on terror. Our Justice Served Shirts feature a muscle-bound Uncle Sam holding high the expired noggin of Osama and is bursting with patriotic colors and good humor. 

Our other shirt is a very funny South Park-esque Bin Laden tee featuring the words, “Oh My Allah! They Killed Osama!” Hilarious t-shirt design that you can only find at We have added tons of very cool designs to the site recently so if you haven’t visited you should take a look and while you are there, pick up one of theses very rare and collectible shirts celebrating America’s victory in the war on terror.


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